The Business Side

27º and direct sunlight

Today is the first day of class at PTC, so we’re back in business. Rumor has it we are seeing close to a 20% increase in registration from Spring 2009. (Classes are packed!) In the fall we had a 13% increase over Fall 2008. As larger universities downsize in a down economy…community colleges are where it’s at! Sure, my job is non-tenured, but with numbers like these, I’m feeling some security about my paycheck … knock wood. And it’s a full-time gig, which means benefits. I’m thankful for all of that!

Today, Poet Mom, January O’Neil has a post up about the business side of publishing. She poses two questions: one about taxes and one about estate planning. I’ve always wished for a book about the business side of being a writer of literary short stories and poetry. I know there is a lot of information for writers who freelance and/or publish in the mass markets, but most of that doesn’t apply to the smaller scale of short stories and poetry. Does anyone know if there is such a resource?

Posted by Sandy Longhorn