Blood Almanac - Winner of the 2005 Anhinga Prize for Poetry (now the Robert Dana - Anhinga Prize for Poetry). Published by Anhinga Press in 2006.
The Girlhood Book of Prairie Myths - Winner of the 2013 Jacar Press Full-Length Poetry Book Contest. Published by Jacar Press in 2013.
The Alchemy of My Mortal Form - Winner of the 2014 Louise Bogan Award. Published by Trio House Press in 2015.

Individual Poems, with Thanks to the Editors and Readers

*Poems available online are linked at the title.

"Elements of Accounting" Oxford American

"A Coward for a Daughter" and "October ChorusBlackbird
"Braided Calculations," Precautionary Measures," and "Work Sheet for Family Debts" Tupelo Quarterly
"I, Rampant on a Field of Azure" Tupelo Quarterly
"I am No Cordelia" Sugar House
"When all is Walled, Well-Guarded" and "With No Quick Prescription Against Suffering" diode
"Self-Portrait: Melancholia" Cincinnati Review
"Undersong" I-70 Review
"Pilgrim on a Fertile Plain" Redactions
"Chain of Evidence (shoes), "Chain of Evidence (three counties)," "Bystanders," and "Lost/Taken" Connotation Press
"The Tonnage of a Toxic Secret" Shenandoah: Poem of the Week
"Seized with a Small Fever" Bluestem
"That Which Blooms Beyond Where it is Planted" and "The Body's Instinct is to Bloom" Tupelo Quarterly
"The Calendar is Turned, the Year Anointed" and "11 General Orders of a Nurse" burntdistrict
"A Dark Gelatinous Ruin" Hotel Amerika
"Left a Refugee Here in a Sterile Country" and "I Have Gone Shimmering into Ungentle Sleep" Hayden's Ferry Review
"Stumbling Away from the Oracle" and Prairie Penitent" Connotation Press
"Too Simple a Reason"  The Book of Scented Things  The Literary House Press
"The Angry Sisters Experience a Conversion" and "Penance Assigned to the Adulterers"  Arsenic Lobster
"The Body Itself the Narrator of the Message" and "Health, an Expanded Definition" diode
"Some Forgotten Fever" Redactions
"To Tamper & Tame Me Piece by Piece" Sou'wester
"The Alchemy of My Mortal Form" Anti-
"Awash in Hunger for the Pistil and the Stamen" and "Small-Time Rapture" Barn Owl Review
"To Parse, To Save, One Must State the Relevant" Bellevue Literary Review
"Cornfield, USA II"   Big Muddy
"Over Which a Feast Weight Passes" and "11 General Orders of a Mystic" Copper Nickel
"This Vigil I Keep for Comfort" Grist Online Companion
"The Definition of a Febrile Body" The Southeast Review
"Haunting Tale of Girls and Weathered Barns" Weave
"Autobiography as Cartography" and "Autobiography as Cartography II" The Collagist
"Cautionary Tale for Girls Kept Underground in Summer" Natural Bridge
"Having Been Outside the Body" North American Review
"The Ashes of My Familiar" 32 Poems
"Red & Reeling with the Journey," "Transformation, Definitive Notes from a Learned Hand," "Offered Passage, Offered Healing," and "I, Who have been Pressed and Prettied" Connotation Press
"Cornfield, USA" and "The Way She Knows the World to Work"  Crab Creek Review
"Fairy Tale for Girls who Seek to Meet the Horizon" Crab Orchard Review
"We Live in Black & White" Crazyhorse
"Cornfield, USA III" and "Inventing a Rain Spell"  Sou'wester
"Autobiography as Muscle Memory" Glass
"Fevers of a Minor Fire" Linebreak
"You Taught me Devastation" Thrush
"The Summer Saint" Valparaiso Poetry Review
"Our Hands Filling Up with All There is Left to Rescue" Georgetown Review
"Sharper than this Body" Lake Effect
"Estate Planning: Reliquaries" and "Naming the Storm" Passages North
"The Starving Saint" The Rumpus
"Cautionary Tale for Girls Caught Up in the Machinery" South Dakota Review
"The Contents of Our Tales"   Blossombones
"The Nature of Conflict," "Lament at the End of a Long Convalescence," and "Vespula CuresConnotation Press
"Litany for an Insomniac"  Cincinnati Review
"Requiem for the Girl with Sparrow Wings for a Heart," "This is Not My Body, This Body that Refuses" and "The Wife Who Wanders Explains her Actions"   diode
"Divining the Source of Our Conversion" and "To the Extinct Tall-Grass Prairie"  Roger
"Summer 2011" and "For Beaufort's Distant Landlocked Daughter"  Adanna
"Urban Archaeology: Reading the Remains" and "Backdrop for an Archetypal Bloodline"  Anti-
"Pantoum for the Landlocked Girl"  Redivider
"Flood Plain"   Glass
"In the Winter Garden," "The Winter Saint," "Crouching in the Body's Dusty Ruin," and "Having Been Entrusted with the Safekeeping" New Madrid 
"Late Aubade," "Pilgrimage," "The Stone Saint," and "The Penitent Boy Visits the Grave of His FatherConnotation Press
"Testament"   The Pinch 
"Listening for the Dead"   Hobble Creek Review
"The Mortician's Wife," "The Interior Weather of Tree-Clinging Birds," "The Mortician's Daughter," and "And Sweet were the Uses"  Copper Nickel
"Enough Green for the Trees," "It Matters, the Kind of Wound," and "The Way a Northern Girl Sleeps"  American Poetry Journal
"Amnesty," "Spiral Song - Father," "Spiral Song - Mother," and "Triolet with a Line by Jean Senacdiode 
"If Given the Chance" and "June Meditations42Opus
"Myth BornFree Verse
"Voice Box"  Redactions
"The Museum of My Childhood" and "River Years" Meridian
"On the Fabric of the Human Body: Book 1: Chapter 19: On the Bones of the ThoraxThe Dirty Napkin
"Two Points in Need of an Argument" and "Choosing Not to Bear" Zone 3
"Winter Psalm" and "Dispatch from the OutpostBlackbird 
"In a Horseless Country" New South
"Cautionary Tale of Girls and Birds of Prey" Waccamaw
"Fairy Tale for Girls who Gather Maps" Pebble Lake Review
"When the Weather Forms a Holding Pattern" Dirty Napkin
"Midwest Nursery Tales," "The Once-Winged Saint," "The Fledgling Saint," and "Fairy Tale for Girls Enthralled by the Storm" Escape into Life
"Prairie Innocent" The Cream City Review
"Testament" and "Glacial Elegy II" The Pinch
"This is What it Comes Down To" Southern Women's Review
"Body Sewn Together with Twine and a Dull Needle" The Collagist
"Because Once All Mapmakers were Illusionists" and "Assets & Heirs"
"What Devours Us is Worth Devouring" Spillway
"Glacial Elegy I" Cave Wall
"Myth Born" Free Verse
"the dead worm their way through glacial till" Blackbird
"The Wisdom of the Dead" Juked
"In the Delicate Branches" Chatauqua
"For the One Pulled North" Grist
"The Women of His House" and "Seventh Crow Wing Lake" Hunger Mountain
"What Makes the Body Universal" diode
"Having Been Begotten" Indiana Review
"Why the Wind" New Delta Review
"Requiem" New South
"Nothing is Haunted" West Branch
"Honor Thy" Linebreak
"Marriage Song in Summer" and "Lineage" Arkansas Literary Forum
"Of Mortal Men and Women" Quarterly West
"Glacial Elegy III" Crab Orchard Review
"Disclaimer" and "'Touch Me' Misread as 'Torch Me'" Redivider
"Fence Line to Hill Rise" Midwest Quarterly
"Lover Say Prairie" Arts & Letters
"Claritas" and "The Scientist on Vacation" Connecticut Review
"From the Outpost" Black Warrior Review
"Notes from the Cabin on Shiloh Mountain" Cincinnati Review
"Berries Frozen in Fog" MARGIE
"Recitation During the Storm" Crab Orchard Review
"there are days when we're too busy for the dead" Free Verse
"On the Great Plains' Eastern Edge" Hotel Amerika
"In Her Mother's Country" Fugue
"The Empty Set, Recurring" Gulf Coast
"Heliopause" Meridian
"The Bridge at Burlington" Smartish Pace
"Self-portrait: May" and "Self-portrait: December" Boulevard
"Etude" Sou'wester
"Light" and "Song for the Color Red" CALYX
"Facing Home" South Dakota Review  
"Another Memory Fragment" and "Reckoning the Fragments" 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry
"Reticence," "Self-portrait: April," "Self-portrait: August," and "Duty" Arkansas Literary Forum
"No Return Address" Slipstream
"Labor Day on the Bremer Blacktop" and "Inheritance" Sycamore Review
"Born Without" and "Self-portrait: June" Cream City Review
"Self-portrait: February" Black Warrior Review
"Self-portrait: November" Rattle
"1976" Gulf Stream
"Sixty Miles to Peculiar" Mangrove
"Self-portrait: March" River Styx
"Landscape IV" and "Landscape IV" Smartish Pace
"Insomnia" Sonora Review
"Hibernation" Shenandoah
"Reasons Why I Diet" Natural Bridge