September 2017: An Accounting

68º ~ finally a cool-down after highs in the 90s, dry dry dry, no rain since Irma brushed by

My hopes of returning to my blogging days remain unfulfilled. Still, I’m here, and I want to celebrate a major accomplishment. At the beginning of the semester (8/21), I committed to carving out writing time on Friday mornings. I spent the first few getting my drafts organized and sending out work after a long hiatus. Staring September 1, I focused on writing new drafts. There were 5 Fridays for this month, and I have 6 new drafts! Stunning. Unprecedented success in all my years of teaching. Wahooooooooza.

Given that I also started sending work out, I’ve also started receiving results. Since June, I’ve sent out poems to over 15 journals. In late August and September, I recorded 5 rejections and 1 acceptance. I also had 2 journals solicit work from my self-ekphrastic project, which I submitted as a book to 1 press over the summer.

In the meantime, I’m teaching, working on pulling all the loose ends together for the C.D. Wright Women Writers Conference, and coordinating our undergraduate creative writing programs. My days are filled from rising time to falling down exhausted time, and I love it all.

I hope each of you find your own way to preserve your writing time and that you receive many happy moments of success.

Posted by Sandy Longhorn