Any Opinions Welcome

Ok, I’ve just been reading through the manuscript and pulling out phrases, ideas, etc. for the title, and I’m looking for reactions to the list. The book contains poems about the dead post-burial, poems about being alive in a mortal body, a brief section of more autobiographical poems that deal with the loss of something: trust/faith/etc. within the family, and poems that recognize we are all wounded in some way. Many of the poems are informed by my Midwestern roots, which result in silence surrounding these topics and a serious fascination with all things weather-related.

Here’s the list:

Glacial Elegies (the current title)
Why the Wind
Prairie Requiem
A World Made of Such Weather as This
What We Learn to Bury

Please leave a comment if you have any opinion at all about these titles or alternate suggestions.

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Hey, Sadny, it's Al Maginnes. I like the current title or A World Made of Such Weather As This. Prairie Requiem doesn't work for me.

This is always one of the toughest things for me. I have a new ms. ready to go and I hate every title I've come up with. I look forward to seeing your manuscript.


I like "A World Made of Such Weather As This." The first three strike me as too self-conscious. But this one rolls off the tongue and is memorable and unique.

Good Luck deciding!

Quintilian B. Nasty

I like What We Learn to Bury the best, and A World Made of Such Weather as This is a close second.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks for all the thoughts so far!

How about just "Such Weather As This"– that hits me in the gut.

Karen J. Weyant

I love A World Made of Such Weather As This!

(I almost said A World Made of Weather Such as This — which does sound a bit different!)

Sandy Longhorn

Again, all thanks for the comments. VERY HELPFUL!

I like the current title as well. I love the sounds of that. I also like (with Al) A World Made of Such Weather, but I wonder if you could cut "as this" since that seems too long for a book title to me. Still, I think my vote goes for the current title.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks for the vote, Sean.