Back Injury and Poems to Share

78º ~ on the way to being a scorching weekend

If you follow me on Facebook, you may know by now that sometime Tuesday I injured my lower back while either cleaning or painting a door. Of course, I thought it was just a sore muscle and I could take care of it with some ibuprofen. Woke up Friday morning in the kind of pain that told me I need professional help. The official word is lower lumbar strain or some such thing, which means I had to postpone a trip to Iowa to see the family. Bummer. Now, I’m all drugged up and forced to be still, so I’ll be haunting the internets.

Whilst I was haunting this morning, I realized that I’ve had some poems and an interview up at Connotation Press for a few weeks. I missed the publication because of end of the semester craziness, I’m sure. In any case, I love this online press for their thoroughness and their variety. I hope you’ll check out not just my poems but all the other offerings as well. Many thanks to Kaite Hillenbrand for her excellent interview questions.

PS: Should my posts contain a typo here or there in the next few days, I hope you’ll excuse me, Dear Readers, and blame the painkillers.

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Your poems are beautiful, especially "The Stone Saint". Also, you talk about your poems so eloquently – I couldn't wait to read the poems after reading your interview!

Sandy Longhorn

Erin, thanks for taking the time to read the work. I really appreciate your kind words!

Karen J. Weyant

Feel better soon!

Sandy Longhorn

Thx, Karen. It's slow going but I'm seeing a bit of progress.


I too have a black thumb — and my maternal grandparents were sharecroppers. Again, how articulate you are. Love the poems, esp "Late Aubade."

Most important thing I can tell you is to keep ahead of the pain. Know when you're due for your next pill & take it on time. I hope you feel better soon!

(Psin meds or no, I bet there'll be not a single typo…)

Sandy Longhorn

Marie, thanks. You're right about the meds. I slept through my regular dose this morning and I'm feeling it.

Thanks for the nice words about the poems.

Boo for back pain! I hope you feel better soon!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Kristin!

Quintilian B. Nasty

I enjoyed both the interview and the poetry. Great stuff, Sandy.

Sandy Longhorn

Thx, Q. Glad you enjoyed.