Big Thanks to Glass

52º ~ gorgeous light this morning, small, cool breezes rustling the half-leafed branches, crisp

A short note today to send out big thanks to Glass: A Journal of Poetry.  The fine editors, Holly Burnside and Anthony Frame have seen fit to nominate my poem “Flood Plain” for the 2011 Best of the Web Anthology from Dzanc Books

current cover at Glass

Thanks for the honor!

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Congrats on the nomination! And I just added your blog to my blogroll 🙂

Nancy Devine

i've experienced two major floods in my life….your poem has exceptional meaning for me.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Jeannine, I appreciate the link.

Nancy, my folks and I battled the flood of 1993 together in northeast Iowa. It sticks with you!

Jessie Carty


Justin Hamm

Hurray for you, Sandy! For some reason the link's broken, so I'll check back later to see if I can read it.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Jessie and Justin. Such a proliferation of J's today! 🙂

Justin, I checked the links and they appear to work for me. Sorry about the difficulty.

Wonderful poem! Congrats on the honor.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Kristin! Glad you enjoyed the poem.

Karen J. Weyant

Great poem! And thanks for introducing me to Glass: A Journal of Poetry — it's a new journal for me!

Sandy Longhorn

Karen, thanks for the congrats and for stopping by. Glass is fairly new and I've found them to be a great online presence.