Blustery Day of Pre-Thanksgiving

76º ~ on our way up to 79 this afternoon, rough winds, sun and clouds fighting for sky rights, tomorrow the cold front inches southward through the state sending temps “plummeting” according to the wise weather people

This is just a quick note to say Thank You, Dear Reader for being a part of my wonderful life.  This past year has been one of general satisfaction about where I stand in the midst of this crazy, mixed up world.  For many years I wondered if I would ever feel comfortable in my own writing skin.  Finally, finally, I’m feeling almost there.  I’m so glad you all have been here to bear witness to this often solitary work we writers do and this coming to terms with the world.

Tomorrow there will be family, friends, football, food, and fun.  All of this will stretch through the weekend, so I shall return next week, perhaps a bit more plump about the middle, but hey, that’s what the holiday is all about…the thanks for a bountiful year and the food.

Mums from my trip to the St. Louis Botanical Garden (10/10)

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Thank YOU for sharing your writing life! And those lovely mums.

Sandy Longhorn

Kathleen! I'm now in love with The Bat-Poet and bought extra copies to give as gifts. Thanks for that.

Nancy Devine

thank you for your work as both a writer and encourager of writers. have a terrific thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sandy! I appreciate your lovely life and words….

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Nancy. Thanks, Erin. I appreciate you both for stopping by.

Yay, about the Bat-Poet!! I love that book, and I love the individual poems. I once directed a chamber theatre production of it, and for one performance the bat actor was sick, so I got to be the bat! And thus say the poems!

Sandy Longhorn

Oooh, I'd have loved to see this as a production. Cool.