All kinds of "yay!" (written in virtual chalk)

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Kathleen! This is where I've been for the last two days. Totally awesome!

This is wonderful!
We actually have a clear, rainless day on the Oregon Coast: I think I'll have the young writers do this.
Thanks for the idea, Sandy.

Sandy Longhorn

Great, Drew. Hope they enjoy it!

Elizabeth Austen

I love this! It would make me so happy to stumble upon something like this. BRAVA.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Elizabeth. We had a great response from our students, many of whom often see poetry as a chore. Not so much when written in sidewalk chalk! 🙂

Martha Silano

Love!! Thanks for sharing!!

Sandy Longhorn

Glad you like it, Martha! It lasted a whole week this year before we finally had some rain.