Four Poems from the Sickly Speaker @ Connotation Press; Two @ diode

54º ~ oh yeah, baby, 54º and the sun is just starting to come up…hello spring!, hello Spring Break (in four hours!)

Many thanks to Kaite Hillenbrand and Ken Robidoux over at Connotation Press for showing the sickly speaker so much love.  These four poems are from near the end of her journey.

And earlier in the year, the irreplaceable Patty Paine and Jeff Lodge over at diode gave her a bit more encouragement.  Two poems that also appear near the end.

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


That's great!!

Sandy Longhorn


Karen J. Weyant

Good news all around!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Karen. And, yes, with these later poems being picked up and published, y'all may be sussing out how the sickly speaker's story may end. 😉

Tawnysha Greene

Beautiful poems, Sandy!

Sandy Longhorn

Aw, thanks, Tawnysha!