Good Way to Start the Day

I opened my email this morning to find an acceptance from the Southern Women’s Review. The poem that they accepted feels quiet, even for my poems, and I wasn’t sure how it would go over. Many thanks to Alicia K. Clavell and the rest of the SWR staff. This is a new online journal. Issue one came out this past summer, available in PDF, and it is a beauty. My colleague, Antoinette Brim, has a poem there. She was one of several people who emailed me about the call for submissions for issue two. Thanks go to her as well.

Posted by Sandy Longhorn



Now that's a promising start to the week–congratulations!

Sandy Longhorn

Marie, Thanks!

Justin Evans

I remember my first appearance in that fine journal. I was part of the "NO Women Made the Cut this Time Around" issue.

Sandy Longhorn

J. Hilarious!