Happy Addendum to the Day

49º ~ it’s dark outside, can’t get to the window or door due to two cats holding down my legs at the moment, but the smart phone says the skies are partly cloudy ~ we’re in for a super warm up over the next three – four days, wahoo

Just a quick note to follow up from this morning.  Sometimes, the odds pay off.  When I arrived home this afternoon, I found an acceptance from Anti- waiting in my inbox.  Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo!  I’ve been reading Anti- for several years now and am so happy to be included for a future issue.  I’m also pleased because the two poems that were accepted (yep, two!) are from this past fall’s drafting, and both were prompted by inspiration cards.  (Explanation here.)  I’ll fill you in when the poems come out.

Also, more happy news, the Two Weeks digital anthology is LIVE, with my poem “Cautionary Tale for Girls in Love with Fire” included.  At $4.99, it’s packed with great poems, and I’m honored to be next to some of my favorites.  The whole thing is fabulous to the nth degree.  I am in awe of the editors, Johnathon Williams and Ash Bowen, for their fortitude.  Following their Facebook updates, I know it’s been a marathon, but the end result is worth it.  They really managed to showcase how poetry can work on an ereader without sacrificing line breaks, and there is even an audio package with each of us reading someone else’s poem as well.

Oh, Happy Day!

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Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Kathleen. (You are quick!)

Tawnysha Greene

Congrats! That's awesome!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Tawnysha!

Nancy Devine


Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Nancy!


You can call me Casper, and I'll call you Rock Star — Congratulations on both counts, Sandy!

Quintilian B. Nasty

Congrats, Sandy


Sandy Longhorn

Thanks y'all! It was indeed a much better day than the one before.


Hooray! I have a poem forthcoming there, too. I hope we get to hang out together.

Can't wait to see you in DC.


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Sandy Longhorn

Yes, Mary! It's always extra special when my poem gets to rub shoulders with the poems of friends.

Will try to cross your path in DC for sure.

Love that word ver. A new saint to write about!