Heron Tree

42º ~ all clouds and bluster after a night of rain, an evening of thunderstorms, no sun today

Amidst all the chaos of a spring semester and the life of a teaching poet, the past work of reading submissions for Heron Tree bears fruit.  Chris, Rebecca, and I spent many hours this fall reading poems and making tough decisions, and it was a weird adjustment to not be reading submissions when we made it through our stacks.  Now, however, we’ve begun to see the reward of that work (thanks to Rebecca’s diligent site management!). 

If you haven’t been following along each week, I hope you’ll check us out.  This week, we have a poem by Jeff Hardin, “To a Hymn Book,” and all of the poems we’ve published so far are available in the archives.

While we won’t have a table at AWP, I’ll be representing and pressing a postcard into your hand if I see you there.  If you catch me early, I may be able to have a cogent conversation; if you catch me later, I may simply say, “kyowk!” and collapse in a heap of feathers at your feet.  And so it goes.

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Jeff's poem is sooooo gorgeous! You all are doing some really great work with that journal…

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks Carol!

Tawnysha Greene

I'll be seeing you early at your reading! Can't wait!

Sandy Longhorn

Wonderful! I should be fairly intact!