I’d Like to Thank the Academy…

36º ~ Praise be we’re on our way to the upper 50s ~ brilliant sun and a warm wind working through the snow still on the ground (maybe two inches left in places) ~ MUD

No, it’s not the Oscars, but I was thrilled to discover that Tawnysha Greene gave me my first blog award last night.  Tawnysha’s one of those amazing people who publishes in three genres!  If you aren’t reading her blog yet, skip this post and go there now.

The Memetastic Award started with Jillismo and has passed from blog to blog, and one of my duties as a recipient is to send the award on to five other bloggers.  Only 5!  I could have listed 10!  In no particular order, those five are:

1.  Kristin Berkey-Abbott.  A great poet who blogs about poetry, literature, and the wider world in general.

2.  Josh Robbins.  Wonderful poet and editor who posts whole poems and links to books, along with recaps of his writing life.

3.  Karen Weyant.  Lovely poet from above the snowline who gives voice to her blue collar roots and blogs about a life among her books & teaching.

4.  Luke Johnson.  A great poet just emerging on the scene with a blog full of links and new discoveries.

5. Martha Silano.  Lovely poet and new AWP friend who has a new book out and blogs about all things poetry and writing related.

The other requirement is that I list five facts, four of which are lies.  Guess which one is true!  (Mom, you aren’t allowed to tell!)

1.  When I was eight, I fell into a grain bin at a friend’s farm and had to be rescued by the local volunteer fire department.  I was sad that it never made the news.
2.  I once wanted to join the circus to do a combination trapeze and snake handling act.  I had my music and costume all picked out.
3.  I have a birthmark on my shoulder that is shaped like a quill pen.
4.  I got so many parking tickets at the University of Arkansas that I’m afraid to go back and visit even when I park on city streets.
5.  The year after I graduated from the College of St. Benedict, my family doctor became my patron and paid me to do her errands but also to read and write, even including a book allowance in my salary.

Let me know if you have any guesses for which of the above statements is the true one and I will reveal the right one tomorrow.  Stay tuned…

***Requirements of the award:

–link back to the blogger who awarded you.
–display the graphic from award creator.
–post 5 facts, four of which must be lies.
–pass the award on to 5 other bloggers who must follow these rules.
–link the post back, so Jillsmo can follow its trajectory.

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


I think it's either 1 or 5. I'll guess…. 1. 🙂 It might be made up, but it has a bloodless-Cather quality about it that I really admire.

I pick #5 because I want it to be true!!

Karen J. Weyant

Thanks for the link, Sandy! I will try to keep the blog (chain letter) exercise going…

I pick the parking ticket one as being true. I do this exercise with my creative writing class. It's a lot of fun. My "mom's" in the class can always pick the lies…



Hmm. 1, with the detail about wishing you'd made the news, seems plausible…

Thanks for the award! I've finally fulfilled the requirements on my blog.

Hmm, which one of yours is the true one? I, too, will guess #1, although I want a job/patron like the one you describe in #5.

Sandy Longhorn

And the truth is #5. Yep, my doctor hired me to be her personal assistant but also paid me a book allowance and only asked me to work 30 hours a week (with benefits) so I could write.

I did fall half into a well on a friend's farm. Long story. No rescue, just some bad scrapes and bruises.

I must have missed this the other day! Thanks for the shout-out, Sandy. Talk about good company!

Sandy Longhorn

Hey, Luke, it's a bit silly, but I love the opportunity to shine the spotlight on folks like you!