New Year’s Comes Early This Year

42º ~ a cold rain does rain down, nothing but gray skies all around

Those folks in that picture can’t understand why I’ve ordered an early drop of the ball.  Due to some travel issues, we’ll be celebrating New Year’s Eve a bit early this year at the house of the Kangaroo.  We normally celebrate at the usual time with three other couples (and one toddler), plus whoever else happens to drift by.  Sometimes, if we’re lucky in football, the celebration might last several days.  This year, the plans got a bit sticky and the Razorbacks don’t play until the 4th, so we suggested doing the champagne pop a bit early…after all, it’s the spirit of the thing, right?

All in all, I’ve been more social this year than in past holiday breaks, and I’ve still got a few more things lined up before heading back to the office/classroom on the 3rd.  This does not bode well for poetry.  As faithful readers know, I love my habits, my schedule, and my routine.  The summer break is great for this, long unplanned days when I can read/write/imagine every day.  The winter break, not so much this year.  I’m resigned to this and plan to pick up my regular rhythm after the turn of the year.

I am thankful for all of my friends and family, both far and near, and I am not complaining about the socializing.  It’s just a fact of life that my writing thermostat is a temperamental, twitchy piece of machinery.

So be it, and Happy New Year’s a wee bit early!

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Happy New Year!!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Kathleen!

Nancy Devine

happy new year, sandy. we might be spending our new year's eve in a blizzard.

Sandy Longhorn

Nancy, hope it's a warm & cozy one for you!

Matthew Thorburn

Happy new year, Sandy!

I hear you about the writing schedule — this is a hard time of year to fit in much poetry work. Yesterday, while I was at the mall making some returns, I resorted to finding a couch where I could sit down, pull a poem out of my back pocket, and work on a few revisions on the fly. (A strange sight for the other shoppers, no doubt, but it made me immediately feel much better!)

Sandy Longhorn

Love it, Matthew! Maybe we should start a "Poets Take to the Malls" day. 🙂


Health & Happiness in the New Year to you, Sandy!

Sandy Longhorn

And to you, Marie!

Tawnysha Greene

Hope you have a wonderful new year, Sandy!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Tawnysha! Maybe some of your December magic will roll over into my January. 🙂