Not a Lot of Poetry Going On Round Here

48º ~ gorgeous weather w/ highs in the low 60s, bright sun today, a little breeze

There hasn’t been a whole lot of poetry going on around here over this holiday break.  As I’ve commented before, I do best with a set schedule, and that usually means a teaching schedule to “keep me honest” about my writing time.  Plus, after the semester is over, we often spend several days catching up on household tasks and lots of days visiting with friends and family.  I am learning not to beat myself up over these non-poetry days, and most importantly not to judge my own progress against that of others. 

I am content to have seen many family members and friends and am looking forward to seeing a few more on New Year’s Eve.  I am content to play with the new cats and help them settle in here.  I am content to watch endless episodes of Law & Order (the original), which I am streaming while I play endless hands of spider solitaire.  My brain was in serious need of mush-time, apparently.

Mostly, I am content to learn that my dad’s surgeries are complete and his hardware is now turned on, as of yesterday.  By all accounts, the Deep Brain Stimulation therapy is a modern miracle.  My mother described watching my dad’s body “loosen up” by degree as the doctor activated and adjusted the signal now being provided to his brain by electricity rather than by dopamine.  The biggest amazement, apparently, was when they had him write his name before activation (a nearly illegible scrawl) and after activation (almost back to his pre-Parkinson’s, legible, handwriting).  Dad was even able to snap his coat and buckle his seat belt without assistance.  This may not seem like much, but for us, it is a miracle.  Now, he begins the long journey to lowering the meds which have caused such lethargy & some confusion.  We are hopeful, hopeful, hopeful.  Here is an image of what’s inside my father now.

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Still blown away by this.  Lots to process. 


Thanks for stopping by, even with sparse postings!

Posted by Sandy Longhorn



Such amazement! My heart is full for you, Sandy–this is huge huge huge. May the new year bring more and everlasting improvements for your dad and your family. xo

Wow! That is amazing about your dad. I am so glad for you all.

I know what you mean about poetry at holiday time….

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Marie. I'm also amazed by what is growing inside of you and can't wait to 'meet' her!

Thanks, Kathleen. Glad to know someone else understands how poetry and holidays might not be a good fit for me. 🙂

Martha Silano

I hope your dad's condition continues to improve.

Just want to say I've been finding solace and encouragement in your blog posts. My fav part is how you start with the temp/weather from where you live. Something very grounding and calming about that. Thanks for sharing your life, writing and otherwise, with us.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Martha. I started the weather bit after reading a diary from an Iowa farm wife. She noted the weather for every entry. Combine that with my parents' weather obsession and there you go. Glad it comforts you.

Tawnysha Greene

Wow! That's amazing! So happy for your dad and for you all that this is working well!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Tawnysha! I appreciate the good thoughts.

Karen J. Weyant

Thinking of you and your family — modern medicine is a wonder!

And…I know what you mean about losing that "set schedule" this time of year. I get nothing done between Christmas and New Years! Yesterday, I caught myself watching the old tv series "V" on the Science Fiction channel. Can you believe that?

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Karen. As for the old "V", well, that's a classic with capital C. Good for you! (I still remember being grossed out when they ate the rats. Later, I learned that sometimes they used special effects and sometimes they used candy and chocolate. I was still grossed out.)

Wow – wonderful news – hoping with you. And my brain has been mushing, too. I think we all need that sometimes. Happy new year.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Molly. Happy to know that mush-brain isn't isolated to me only. 🙂 Enjoy your down time!!

Shawnte Orion

No matter how mushy my brain gets, there is something Pavlovian about the DUHN DUHN that begins each Law & Order episode that snaps me into full attention.

Sandy Longhorn

Hi, Shawnte, & welcome to the Kangaroo! I love the DUHN DUHN, and you are correct; it is Pavlovian. My head snaps up and I am focused on Lenny Brisco, Jack McCoy, & company. Last night the killer was Laura Linney. Love those cameos!