OK, here’s the picture

So, it’s not that daring after all, unless you’re me. Here’s the new hair cut, with bangs…that was the dare to myself. I spent a long year in Fayetteville growing out my bangs and now they’re back. I love it.

The thing is, later in the day yesterday, I got some good-ish news in an email, so maybe the new haircut really did bring me good luck. Now if only that luck would cover the lottery drawing tonight as well.

Posted by Sandy Longhorn



Love it!

Bangs are a big deal–you're lucky that with & w/o both suit you!

Looking forward to hearing what that good-ish news might be…

Sandy Longhorn

Marie, thanks for understanding that it kind of was a big deal. The bangs may be less sophisticated on me, but I was tired of always having my hair in my eyes. I'm loving this!

CUTE! I heart bangs! You look fabulous, and it always feels good to get a new cut and feel lighter! I have a hair appointment tomorrow–no changes, but it always feels great.

Sandy Longhorn