One Link, Two Links…

70 deg ~ rainy day, nice napping weather.

Just a couple of links today.

The first is to Rachel Contreni Flynn’s poem on Verse Daily today “Awake.” I’m right in the midst of reading Flynn’s new book Tongue, and it’s as spectacular as this poem.  Haunting.

Also, I’ve got a poem up at The Collagist this month, along with an interview on their blog.  Hope you’ll give it a read, Dear Reader.

Posted by Sandy Longhorn



I've been reading Rachel's Ice, Mouth, Song (Tupelo, natch) & loving it, very interested in Tongue.

Creepy/dark poem! And I really admire how articulate you are about your work–great interview!

Sandy Longhorn

M. Thanks for the note. RCF is one of my favorites these days.

Jessie Carty

Ngrats on the poem up on Collagist. I have one of Nick Flynns memoirs to read soon 🙂

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Jessie!


Enjoyed your poem at The Collagist, Sandy.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Sarah. Glad you stopped by.


Enjoyed your poem at The Collagist a lot – hope your back is soon better.


sorry – reposted! thought it didn't work! I'd like to blame pain killers, too. smile.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks for the good thoughts, Sarah!

I love your poem (although I'm a bit late in wandering over there).

Sandy Longhorn

Kristin, Thx for the note. Kind words are never late! 🙂