Say Hello to Earnestine

53º ~ that super sun keeps powering on ~ watching the last patches of snow diminish

My wonderful and talented friend, Anne Greenwood, is an artist and agreed to create a logo for me based on the antique brooch of the kangaroo that I bought last year.  The kangaroo has since been named ‘Earnestine’ in honor of my earnest nature.  And now, she lives on in my new logo, from which I’ve just designed and ordered new business cards.  They should arrive just in time for AWP, woo hoo.  But now, the star of the show:

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Patricia Lockwood

That is awesome, no joke

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Tricia! All credit goes to Anne and whoever made the brooch however many years ago!

Oh, how wonderful. Earnestine! How perfect!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Kathleen! She is perfect.

I totally dig Earnestine. Very cool.

Sandy Longhorn

Molly, thanks for stopping by and admiring Earnestine.

Tawnysha Greene

This is great! I love it!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Tawnysha!

thats pretty neat!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Allie, coming from you that's a great compliment!

Love the new logo!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Stephanie. I'm quite taken with her!