Seinfeld and Kenny Rogers: No Draft Friday

38º ~ sunny, a few high wispy clouds, warming into the sixties today, heard the word ‘snow’ on the radio in the forecast for later in the weekend, early next week…better stock up on milk and bread…hee hee

So, this morning I woke up repeating what I’d repeated before going to sleep:  ‘draft a poem, draft a poem, draft a poem, etc.’  And then I realized that I’m in no mental state for it with the papers waiting to be graded that seem to hang over my head.  I know I have time to write a poem today, but we are so close to being done with the semester…grading is all there is left…that I can’t seem to focus on writing.  I can’t even blame the pull of the earth’s core today.  I woke up full of energy and ready to go.

So, two pop culture references came to mind:

The Soup Nazi from Seinfeld’s ‘No Soup for You!’ becomes ‘No Draft for You!’

And Kenny Roger’s chorus from ‘The Gambler’ becomes ‘There’ll be time enough for writin’, when the gradin’s done.’

Catch y’all on the flip side!

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Nancy Devine

reading and evaluating student work takes up tons of mental energy. it is energizing, though, to see progress.

Sandy Longhorn

Yes, progress! I made some today, more tomorrow I hope.

Ah, papers. I don't miss them. Though just today I was talking to my mom about teaching again… Sigh.


Oh, I don't know about this "time enough" business — any day now I'll come up with the scientific formula to prove that time is actually speeding up the closer we get to the end of the year…

Happy Weekend, Sandy!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks for the support, Kathleen and Marie!

Diane Lockward

I have a poem titled "No soup for you!" based on the line from Seinfeld. Who says tv rots your brain? When I was teaching, I was sure I'd write more if I weren't teaching. Now I'm not teaching and not really writing more poetry, but I sure have more energy and time to do other things such as keep a blog, write reviews, run a few poetry events. I loved teaching, but grew so tired of the endless papers. Good luck!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Diane. I'm glad you have more time for poetry, esp. your blog.