Mary Alexandra Agner

Personally I find your dedication and persistence inspiring, so I'd prefer you to keep blogging, on any topic, including that of being stymied 🙂

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, MAA.

DJ Vorreyer

I have fallen away from mine as well, but I find when I go back, people do read and respond. I love just hearing your occasional process posts and about the projects you are working on. It makes me feel less alone in the jungle, so to speak.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, D.

I like what Mary and Donna both said above. I love whatever you have to say, but I particularly appreciate what you say about your process. Sure, everyone's is different–but it helps to hear the ways you talk yourself through different moments in and of creating. It's a great model for interrupting my own process and getting outside it long enough to examine it and try to shake things up. Your voice always inspires me!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, S.

As you move into your 2nd year of teaching in an MFA program (as opposed to community college), I'd love to hear more about that. I tend to think that people teaching in MFA programs are living the dream, and that it's a dream that comes easily with little effort, and I'm interested in knowing what it's really like.

I, too, am interested in process. And I'm interested in how you follow your heart as an artist, and balance it all with your teaching duties.

I love your journey as a collage artist and how it feeds the other artist selves.

Integration (or lack of it) is a constant interest of mine, since I always feel that elements in my life are precariously balanced.

I continue to be interested in how books are put together. And as you put together the C.D. Wright conference, I'd love some posts about that.

In short, in my selfish view (because I love reading your posts and would hate to lose your voice), I see plenty of reason to continue.

I would be sad if you stop blogging. I do love reading about your process. It's OK to have quiet spells, yes? To fill up again… And then a new poem will come, or a new thought about writing, or an event or publication to share with us. So even if you use your time to do other things for a while, you could come back here when the time is right?!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, KB-A.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, KK.