Summer Harvests

80 deg ~ cloudy, a closed in feeling to the sky

This morning, I’m offering poetry for the eye.  Enjoy the pics of my trip to the River Market Farmer’s Market in Little Rock.  I’ve got revisions on the mind now that the kitchen is stocked with my summer favorites: peaches, watermelon, and sweet corn, all grown here in Arkansas (I’m picky that way!)

Perhaps this last one deserves a bit of explanation.  The River Market is full of great sculptures, and this is the one I passed on the way back to the car.  May I present, Dear Readers, Count Casimir Pulaski, for whom our county is named.  Apparently, Count Pulaski is known as the “father of the American cavalry” and saved George Washington’s life during the Revolutionary War.  I just like the details on the sculpture and his dramatic hair.  (From a distance, I thought the bust might be of Elvis…hee hee).

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Susan Rich

Sandy, It does look like Elvis! Maybe you've discovered a long lost relation?

Sandy Longhorn

Very glam for the 18th century, I think! 🙂


Mmmm. We get to walk down the street to our Farmer's Market. Yesterday's bounty was fresh greens, carrots, & turnips. Love the summer!

Sandy Longhorn

Marie, my sentiments exactly.

Nice shots! We have ocra and lamb for our trip yesterday. No lost Elvis ancestor at our market, but we did have 6 people over the age of 70 playing some very, well, gentle bluegrass.

Sandy Longhorn

I guess I'm more of a fruitivore than a vegivore. Anne, our bluegrass was a youngish duo on then other end of the market from the steel drummer man. However, they took a break and I missed my chance for a picture. We do have an older man with a portable organ grinder that he made himself. Sadly, only a stuffed monkey that collects the money rather than a real one.