Three Books from 2009

Given all the listing of books from 2009 going on around the blog world, I started thinking, inevitably, about what I would list. I decided to list the first three books that stuck with me, books that easily came to mind when I paused to ask “what did I read this year that I absolutely loved?” There are still several weeks left in the year and several books still on the shelf…but there’s always 2010. (Listing is a fickle thing, at best.)

Here’s a list of the three:

Illustrating the Machine that Makes the World by Joshua Poteat
If Birds Gather Your Hair for Nesting by Anna Journey
Mistaken for Song by Tara Bray (disclaimer…Tara and I are close friends)

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Karen J. Weyant

Oh, great. More books to read! 🙂

Sandy Longhorn

Something to be thankful for, no?

Sandy, I bought your book yesterday as part of my xmas present to me. 🙂

Sandy Longhorn

Wow, Suzanne, what a great surprise! Thank you for the support and I hope the book lives up to any expectations you may have formed!

Hey Sandy! I just saw this! Aw thanks friend! Hey–is that LitWindowPane?? I used to read her blog years back, pre-Lily and when Lily was just a babe. She had a cool post about not being a writer who is a bad mom–and how she had to let go of lots of social obligations to keep the writing and the mom thing up–if I am remembering correctly. Anyway–guess I need to hop over there and see what she's writing about these days. Of course the papers are coming in in droves today, so better do it quickly! Have a happy Friday!


Sandy Longhorn

Tara, I think you have the right connection between Suzanne and LitWindowPane. I have her book on my to buy list. Grading, grading, grading, today, tomorrow, and etc.

One more thing Sandy–both of those writers you mentioned, Ponteat and Journey, read here in Richmond this semester, and b/c of my hectic life, I wasn't able to attend either of the readings. Crazy. I'm going to get both of those books.


Sandy Longhorn

Oh, wow. You guys get great readers! Jealous.