Two Saint Poems and Two Tales Make their Debut

77º ~ one of those rare low-humidity, nice breeze, bright sun kind of days

Another short post, but this time with a link to four of my own poems that appeared in print today.  Two of my saint poems and two of my new tales (fairy and cautionary) are now available to read online at Escape Into Life.  Many, many thanks to Kathleen Kirk, the poetry editor, for choosing these poems and for finding such AMAZING art to add with them. 

When the World Sleeps, Dan-Ah Kim from EIL, click for link

For those interested, here are the links to the process notes for each poem.

Midwest Nursery Tales
“The Once-Winged Saint” – oh, no, I didn’t blog about the drafting process for this one!
The Fledgling Saint
Fairy Tale for Girls Enthralled by the Storm

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Nancy Devine

wow. terrific work, sandy. i especially like "Fairy Tale for Girls Enthralled by the Storm." your pieces deserve the lovely art that accompanies them.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Nancy! It feels good to see these in print, to say the least.

Quintilian B. Nasty

Congrats, Sandy.

Montgomery Maxton

Brent Goodman posted the link to these poems, which I read and loved.

Blown away! No pun intended. But these poems are magnificent, and they make me yearn for a book full of more of them!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Q!

Montgomery, glad you found the poems and that they worked for you. Thanks for stopping by to post.

Kristin, so glad you liked them. I've been waiting to be able to link to some of the tale poems, especially for you!

Sandy – wow!! Your work is absolutely lovely and haunting. I loved all 4 poems, but "Fairy Tale For Girls Enthralled by the Storm" was my favorite! Thanks for these poems and your inspiration…

Sandy Longhorn

Erin, thanks so much for the kind words and for the support!

Justin Hamm

Kind of late dropping in to say so, Sandy, because I've been SO busy this spring, but I read these and they stuck with me, so I wanted to stop in and tell you how much I love this lyrical fantasy world you're developing.

Coupled with the art, they're absolutely enchanting.

Sandy Longhorn

Justin, busy for good reason! It's been fun to follow along on the journey. Thanks so much for the kind words about the poems. They are definitely a departure for me, but I'm fully absorbed by them now.