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I’ve just returned from my appearance at the University of Central Arkansas and want to say a big thanks to Terry Wright, the Department of Writing, and all the students and faculty who attended my events.

The connection to the audience is one of the most important things for me, and being able to give a reading and just talk with others interested in poetry, gives me such a boost. Everyone was warm and welcoming and gracious to a fault, even when I flubbed the name of the department. What more could a writer ask?

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


I talked to Kelsey Fox who said she got to talk to you. I’m glad you’re reading–you should come to Hot Springs.

Sandy Longhorn


I’d love to come to ASMSA and read. Anytime.

Thank you for coming to UCA, Sandy. My students enjoyed the craft talk and reading – rave reviews.

Come back anytime…