The Unveiling

54ยบ ~ gray skies with streaks of light behind to prove the sun’s existence, pure calm down at eye-level with a slight breeze in the upper branches

I confess, Dear Readers, that I’m nervous about this post.  I’m unveiling the results of my photo shoot from December.  My dear friend and colleague, Kimberly Kwee, who is a great artist as well as photographer came by the house and made me perfectly at ease while she shot me; in fact, maybe too much at ease as my inner flirt and sass somehow rose to the surface.  Today, I received the finished product and I’m stunned by Kim’s talent at bringing out the best in me.  She gave me the files in their original format, so I’ve cropped here as best I can, which means the dimensions may not be right at all.

But all of that is throat-clearing.  Without further ado: Voila!

The bureau belonged to my maternal grandparents and is my inheritance.

The art in the lower right is by my good friend, Anne Greenwood.

This art is by another good friend, Megan Chapman.

Books, Books, Book, a lizard, and a bird (handmade cover of my friend Dana Falconberry’s CD).

China hutch in far background is C’s grandfathers, another inheritance.

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Great photos!

I like the head tilt. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Drew. The tilt is growing on me.

These are all so good! I especially like the first and third

Nancy Devine

i'm with drew. i like the head tilt. it's flirty but not too much.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Tricia & Nancy! I appreciate the input and the support.

I like how you are surrounded by items that you love! Great pictures. And inspiring to those of us who have always dreaded having our pictures made.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Kristin. It definitely helped me to have a playful friend doing the picture making!

Karen J. Weyant

Great pictures! I like the third photo the best!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Karen! There seems to be a consensus on that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tawnysha Greene

Great photos! Glad you had a good time taking the pics! They look wonderful!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Tawnysha! ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey, these are all terrific, Sandy! What a warm smile — clearly she captured your essence.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Marie!

I love these! It is very hard to pick a favorite! And I love your haircut.

Love, love, love those photos! Great lighting, great furniture, great smiles, great hair. You, my friend, are photogenic.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Kathleen & Michelle and everyone. Y'all don't realize it but I'm about to melt under all the compliments. thanks!