Weathering AWP

50º ~ doom and gloom skies, although nice temps ~ to remain this way all night and into the morning, then threat of thunderstorms, lightning, and tornadoes as we plummet to 26 during the day

AWP, AWP, AWP, how you are on the mind today.  I’ve been busy trying to get all my classes outfitted for the week and in shape so that I won’t feel an onslaught when I return.  I do what I can, although I know it is a bit futile. 

This year, the pre-conference talk of panels and speakers is overshadowed by THE STORM.

See where they Y is on “Oklahoma City”?  For anyone not in the know, Little Rock is just a bit to the right of that, and I’m flying from LR to Dallas, which is just beneath the white & pink under “Oklahoma City,” and then on to DC.  DC looks poised to be on the southern fringes as well.  Every report I’ve checked about my airports lists WIND as a delaying factor as we will be on the edge of the front that will be causing such grief to my writer friends north and northeast of me. 

What a mess.  I am not happy about this since I count on being able to connect with folks in person at the conference who I might only see online without it.  I am not happy about this as it has caused a great deal of stress for people I care deeply about. 

So, I will hope that the predictions become more tame in the next 12 – 24 hours and that everyone who is destined for DC has safe travel if not swift.

Posted by Sandy Longhorn



Hang in there, Sandy!

I am just not sure what to expect at all. I want to see you, though.

Fingers crossed…

Sandy Longhorn

A new AWP event: sled dog mushing whilst reciting poetry…a little Robert Service maybe?

I'm so sorry to be missing it this year, but I guarantee you that the Alaskans would feel right at home with big snow and big storms. I'll keep my fingers crossed for everyone to have a safe trip and write about the conference so I'll feel a little less left out.

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Erin. Will miss seeing you.

Karen J. Weyant

Although I won't be going to AWP, I too, am watching the weather. Safe travels!

Sandy Longhorn

Thanks, Karen. Looks like you all will get another helping. Stay warm.

Safe travels, and I'm sure there will be ways to reduce stress as soon as you get there!

Safe travels!

Hoping to see you soon,

Sandy Longhorn

Kathleen, oh yes, I plan to de-stress ASAP on arrival at the hotel.



gawd this winter is relentless! But my train is due to leave early tomorrow morning, and I'm determined to make it! If it's delayed, so be it, but I'm a-getting on it & bidding adieu to the family for 5. Long. Heavenly. Days. Dang it. Be awesome to see you! Fingers crossed for all of us! xo

Sandy Longhorn

My feelings exactly, Marie.

Safe travels!