Where I’ll be at AWP: 3 Off-site Readings

32º ~ no complaints for today, good sun, highs around 60º, rain to return tomorrow

Adanna Literary Journal: Off-Site Reading
Saturday, March 3, from 7:00 P.M. to 8:15 P.M.,
in the Hilton Chicago Hotel (the conference’s “headquarter” hotel),
Private Dining Room 1. Despite the rather distinct name of this dining room,
our reading is public.

Readers Include:
Jennifer Arin (Reading Coordinator)
Kristin Berkey-Abbott
Debra Bruce
Sarah Busse
Maryanne Hannan
Ann Hostetler
Kathleen Kirk
Jacqueline Kolosov-Wenthe
Sandy Longhorn
Julie Moore
Christine Redman-Waldeyer (Founder, Editor)
Helen Ruggieri
Christine Stewart-Nunez
Ingrid Wendt
Laura Whalen

Posted by Sandy Longhorn


Wow, congratulations! I will not be at AWP this year, alas. Travel budgets cut, personal funds dicey, we all know how it is. Hopefully, next year in Boston!

Sandy Longhorn

Oh no, Kristin! I saw your name on the Adanna announcement and I was so excited!!

Yes to Boston!

Great to see this. So glad I will see you at Adanna (alas, not Kristin!) at least, if I don't make it to the other events. Still sorting out the schedule…

Sandy Longhorn

Yay, Kathleen! Good luck grappling with the schedule; it's a monster.